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1. 언프리티 랩스타 (Don't Stop)

2. Me, Myself & I by HEIZE (헤이즈) (Ft. Jessi (제시) & Wheesung (휘성))

3. 음악이 아니었다면 (If It Wasn't For Music) by Truedy (Ft. Cheetah & Verbal Jint (버벌진트))

4. Solo (Remix) by YEZI (Ft. Jay Park (박재범) & Loco (로꼬))

5. 사랑 할 때 아니야 (Money) by HYOLYN (효린) (Ft. Geegooin (지구인) & Jay Park (박재범))

6. Bandz Up by Truedy (Ft. Dok2)

7. 싹 다 (Entirely) by Yubin (Ft. The Quiett (더 콰이엇))

8. 아슬아슬해 (Chaos) by KittiB (Ft. 마이크로닷 (Microdot) & YDG)

9. Pride by Truedy (Ft. GUMMY)

10. My Love by HYOLYN (효린) (Ft. Basick (베이식))

11. 돈 벌지마 (Don't Make Money) by HEIZE (헤이즈) (Ft. CHANYEOL)

12. RRF (Ronda Rousey Flow) by KittiB

13. This Aint Me (바꾸지 마) feat. Ilhoon

14. Who Am I feat. Suhyun

15. Who Am I (후횐 마) feat. Jo Hyun Ah

16. 함부로 해줘 (Listen Up) by YEZI (Ft. Hanhae)

17. 루디부기 (Ruedy Boogie) by Truedy (Ft. Tiffany Young)


RELEASE DATE: December 2nd, 2015

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