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Desk Calendar


Making DVD

Photocard Set

Photo Slide Set

Postcard + Envelope Set

Metal Silver Keyring

Paper Sachet

Folded Poster Set


RELEASE DATE: December 30th, 2022

PLEASE TAKE AN UNBOXING VIDEO in case you need to report missing/damaged items. The video must not be edited. The filmed video must begin before opening of the box.

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Customer Reviews

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Emil Lafrenière-Racine
Perfect and classy

I love this season's greetings! It's the first one I bought, I love it. It's so mature, simple, classy and elegant, I love the little scented paper, I keep it sealed so I can smell it more. I am a man but I feel peaceful smelling it. Thank you Lightupk for coming to organized Kpop events, such as the Unite:K, where I was able to buy it. I wanted to buy something from WJSN now as I had no albums from them and they lost 2 of my favorite members in the group when they renewed their contract, however I started the calendar during the best month, so I was very happy.

Better late than never

With rumours of the dreaded 7 year curse most likely resulting in WJSN's disbandment soon*, I wanted to purchase this as a memento, even though I've only been an occasional fan. (Queendom 2 re-ignited my interest in them.) IMHO, you get your money's worth for what's included, which also includes a folded poster for each of the 10 members. It weighs in at around 1.52Kg. (In comparison, LE SERRAFIM's 2023 Season's Greetings box is around 1.2Kg.)

*March 2023 edit: Which thankfully, did not occur with 8 of the Korean members renewing!