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2 Disks

Photocard Set

4Cut Photo Set

Folded Poster


Region Code : All

Subtitle : Korean, English, Japanese


RELEASE DATE: August 23rd, 2023

PLEASE TAKE AN UNBOXING VIDEO in case you need to report missing/damaged items. The video must not be edited. The filmed video must begin before opening of the box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great product, Very poor shipping.

Edit to add: After contact with Lightup K team, they apologized for the experience and partially refunded for a discount. It was a nice gesture. I received two of the three pre-ordered items today and they arrived safely and was well packaged compared to how the IVE Blu-ray was packaged.

The Blu-ray itself was a decent watch. Since this was a fan concert there was a lot of talking (there was an MC) and overall it has a very different vibe compared to what you would might expect. You get to know the members a little better, so a plus if that's what you're looking for. As mentioned in the other review, this was recorded in February 23, so they were quite limited with IVE songs but they absolutely killed it whenever they performed.

5 stars for the concert and Blu-ray, -4 for how it arrived, +1 star for the customer service.

Original review:
The Blu-ray arrived one day after shipping. So it arrived quickly. However, the content was poorly packaged and there was a lot of room for the Blu-ray to move inside the shipping box.

I am quite disappointed that the Blu-ray box arrived with hidden damage. 2 corners were dinged on the outer box (which I was going to let go because they were small enough), but I did not see the damage through the shrink wrap that all 4 sides on the interior tray was ripped until I opened the package. GG.

IMHO, Lightup K can definitely do a better job and give more care in sending out these fragile items. We know the shippers do not handle with care. This is my second (out of three) orders that the content arrived damaged. I have 3 pre-orders with LUK and I am worried they will all end up with the same fate and I will open the contents with greater scrutiny.

Very disappointed.

The Prom Queens BluRay release

From their concert in Seoul (day 2?) back in February 2023.

Contents of both discs:

Disc 1:

- Concert: 2 hours, 43 minutes

Disc 2:

Special Clip:
- Fighting, Golden Bell: 23 minutes
- Prom Queen Party Time (Day1): 6 minutes

Behind the Scenes:
- Part 1 (Poster / VCR / Run Through): 38 minutes
- Part 2 (Rehearsal / Day1 / Day2): 55 minutes