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BTS - PROOF (Standard Edition)

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CD 1:

1. Born Singer
2. No More Dream
3. NO
4. Boy In Luv
5. Danger
6. I need U
7. Run
8. Fire
9. Blood Sweat and tears
10. Spring day
11. DNA
12. Fake Love
13. Idol
14. Boy with luv (feat. Halsey)
15. ON
16. Dynamite
17. Life goes on
18. Butter
19. Yet to come

CD 2:

1. 달려라 방탄
2. Intro: Persona
3. Stay
4. Moon
5. Jamais Vu
6. Trivia: Seesaw
7. BTS Cypher PT.3: Killer
8. Outro: Ego
9. Her
10. Filter
11. Friends
12. Singularity
13. 00:00 (Zero O'Clock)
14. Euphoria
15. Dimple


CD 3:


2.애매한 사이



5.I need u (demo version)

6.흥탄소년단 (demo version)

7.Tony Montana (with Jimin)

8.Young Forever (RM Demo ver.)

9.봄날 (V Demo ver.)


11.Epiphany (Jin demo ver.)

12.Seesaw (demo ver.)

13.Still With You (acapella)

14.For Youth



- 1 type

- Outer Box: 1 type / W 188 x L 250 x H 59 (mm)

- The Art of Proof: 1 type / W 170 X H 238 (mm)/ 132 pages

- Photograph: 1 type / W 170 X H 238 (mm)/ 104 pages

- Epilogue: 1 type / W 170 X H 238 (mm)/ 80 pages

- Lyrics: 1 type / W 170 X H 238 (mm)/ 44 pages

- 3 CDs:

- Photocard A: 1 set of 7

- Photocard B: 1 random out of 8

- Postcard: 1 random out of 8


RELEASE DATE: June 10th, 2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Imonitie Omosun

As an ARMY for 6 years, this album was both bittersweet and heartfelt for me! I loved how it was packaged, how the shipping was transparent, and everything came as it said it would. This was delivered to me with so much love and care, and warmed my heart! I will definitely be buying here again soon!


It didn’t take too long to arrive and came in perfect condition. I received a poster, a pob photocard, and some cute stickers. Definitely buying from here again as they’re quick and have affordable albums!

Denise So
Fantastic Experience!

This was my very first kpop album purchase and my expectations were blown out of the water! They gave some freebies as a bonus! I had to wait a little longer due to shipping delays but it was all worth it. Also the price of Proof was cheaper here than anywhere else. Would definitely buy here again :)


The album arrived on time and it was well protected with bubble wrap. The album itself was perfect with 3 cds, photobook, photocards, etc. I got a bunch of freebies with my order including the POB.

Nicole Gallant
A Slayful Purchase

This was actually my first time buying through LightUpK but the shipping was fast and they were very transparent on twitter with getting in orders. This was really good and speedy shipping (I'm in Canada so it could be different elsewhere) and I was very pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of freebies from LightUpK come with it! Everything was in perfect condition when it got to me.