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1. 하늘 바다만큼 (mumumumuch)

2. 분명 우린 그땐 좋았었어 (Happier than Ever)

3. 칠해줘 (Paint Me) (Orchestra ver.)

4. 별이 빛나는 (Starry Night) (Orchestra ver.)

5. 고고베베 (gogobebe) (Rock ver.)

6. 너나 (Egotistic) (Blistering sun ver.)

7. is 뭔들 2021 (You’re the best 2021) 

8. I Miss You 2021

9. 히히하헤호 Part.2 (HeeHeeHaHeHo Part.2) 

10. 우리끼리 2021 (Words Don't Come Easy 2021) 

11. Piano Man 2021

12. AHH OOP 2021

13. Decalcomanie 2021

14. AYA (Traditional ver.)

15. HIP (Remix ver.)

16. 따끔 2021 (A little bit 2021) 

17. Wind flower (Dramatic ver.)

18. 음오아예 2021 (Um Oh Ah Yeh 2021)

19. 행복하지마 2021 (Don’t Be Happy 2021) 

20. 썸남썸녀 (Peppermint Chocolate) (MMM ver.)

21. 우린 결국 다시 만날 운명이었지 (Destiny) (Extended ver.)

22. Mr.애매모호 2021 (Mr. Ambiguous 2021) 

23. 나로 말할 같으면 (Yes I am) (Funk boost ver.)



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Love this album!! Everything came in perfectly

The sound quality of the cds on my cd player is good. It came in with everything listed. There were no imperfections on the album and inclusions. The shipping took only a few days. Overall good experience.