Affordable Kpop? We Got It. 

You? Satisfied.

We hear you. It’s been rough being an international K-Pop stan. Overpriced albums, shipping fees, customs, duties, lost packages, language barriers, staying up too late to get your favourite artists’ new release, overcomplicated payment methods, and so much more. 

We are a group of fans who are very dedicated to Korean culture. We aspire this company to be beyond a shop, but one that brings the Korean Experience to you. Our operations include in-person and online events, collaborations, and many more! 


Anne (OOBI)

Howdy! My name’s Anne (Oobi) and I am the Chief Communications Officer here at LightUpK. I am also the person you see on our TikTok page (@lightupkshop). I joined LightUpK because not only do I love kpop, but I also want be part of a team that helps bring the community together all the while making album/merch buying a breeze!

Although I liked a few kpop songs in 2013 (I’m looking at you Fantastic Baby, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer and Gangnam Style) I truly immersed myself in kpop after seeing an American Sign Language (ASL) cover of BTS’ “Mic Drop” in early 2018. Fast forward a few years later and my stan list has grown exponentially! I love listening to many different groups and soloists, but I'm mostly known as the "SM stan" on the team (I can't help it that SM has so many talented idols!)

My absolute favourite groups though are NCT and BTS! 💚💜 

An odd fun fact about myself that I like to tell kpop stans is that I’m the same height as the average male kpop idol (175cm). Seriously though, look up some of your favourite male kpop idols and one of them is bound to be 175/176cm.

Vic (DAL)

Hiii! I’m Vic (Dal) and I’m the Chief Operations Officer for LightUpK. I have loved to sing since I was a baby, and have been writing lyrics since I was 8 years old. In my spare time, I love to watch K-Dramas and discovering new music. When my favourite artists come near me, I’m the first to get concert tickets. I can’t name all of the groups I like or else we’d be here all day, but my absolute favs are: STRAY KIDS & ONEUS.

A few fun facts about me are that I love cats, I’m a big fan of Disney. I’m a Gryffinpuff and I love flowers. I also randomly self-published two books. I created KFM (K-Pop fandom Montreal) to create popular fanbases in Montreal for fans to find friends and gather to share their love for their favourite group(s). I started off in BTS Montreal back in 2019.

The reason I joined LUK, is as a big kpop fan since 2016, I never knew where to buy my albums or merchandise. I did my fair share of website surfing and went to the only few local stores around me and thought they were expensive. But thought that was the price. Then later on realizing that no, it can be better. My personal goal being part of this company is for everyone to stop overpaying for things and actually enjoy the products without burning a hole in their pockets. Doing events and seeing other people while making new friends, is what I hope to achieve with this company. I joined because I’m just like you. A big fan of something that has brought so much love and happiness in my life.

Laurie (NANA)

Hello hello! My name is Laurie (Nana) and CO-CEO at LightUpK. I joined LUK because I wish to bring more K-Pop merchandise in Canada because I’m personally done with not having a lot of options here! (A “Fine I’ll do it myself” kind of situation, but with the team). 

At LightUpK, we also want to bring the community together and be more than just a shop selling K-Pop related merchandise. We want our company to be an experience!

I listen to both Girl Groups and Boy Groups, but right now my favs are Stray Kids, BTS and Itzy!

I absolutely love K-food! It’s a really hard choice to say what my favourite dish is because I still need to try many more. But at this current moment, I would go with Bulgogi or Bibimbap!

A few fun facts about myself are that I like sports a lot and I used to play hockey. I like music and actually studied in a Music Business program. I’m slowly building a little home studio! I’m also CEO of a company called U-Daze which is an Event/Concert promoter company that focuses on making Kpop related events! One day I hope to bring more K-Pop artists to different cities in Canada.


Hello! I’m Jo (Mandu), and I’m Co-CEO of LightUpK along with Laurie (Nana). I am a huge believer in community! Amazing things happen when people of common passion and purpose come together, and I am delighted to support and expand the K-Culture community across North America and beyond! I always wish to be with people of good will and those who do not hesitate to spread goodness in our world. I love listening to stories, so tell me your story, I’d love to hear you.

I started my K-Pop journey early when I was a kid, since I was born and raised in South Korea. I am a huge fan of music with deep meanings to explore and with great worldviews! And our very own President Namjoon is my bias. 

Fun-Fact: I cook. I can feed you. The team can testify.