As fellow international K-Pop fans, we know the frustration all too well. 

At times, we feel like our voices are not heard and our supports are not recognized. 

We wonder if our album purchases ACTUALLY count. 

That’s the reason why LightUpK has taken a BIG step on behalf of all international fans (including Canadian fans), 

to register for Hanteo Chart - one of the most authoritative charts for the K-Pop industry as a whole.

We are proud to announce that LightUpK is the ONLY shop in Canada registered on the Hanteo Chart.


Yes, as a small business, it was a hard decision to undertake given our tight budget.

However, we believe our voices matter and must be heard. 

Our presence and our dedication as fans matter and must be recognized.

LightUpK stands with you.

No matter what kind of stan you are, LightUpK will continue to be a place where we can celebrate our passion for K-Culture collectively. 


The LightUpK Team

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) regarding this matter.


Q: What are the Billboard Charts?

A: The Billboard charts publish about weekly popularity of songs and albums in the United States and Canada.

Q: How is the sales data counted and transmitted?

A: When a customer buys an album, the sales data is automatically collected and transmitted to Luminate Data (a data company formerly known as MRC Data & Nielsen SoundScan that collects data for the Billboard Charts), at point of sale or when the items are shipped out.

Q: When did LightUpK sign up for it? 

A: We signed up on May 17, 2022! So all purchases shipped out or sold after May 17, 2022 will count towards the Billboard Chart!

Q: Which country's charts does the purchase count towards?

A: They are for Canadian and USA charts! If you are ordering to an address located in Canada, it will be counted towards the Canadian charts, and if from the United States, it would count towards the American charts!


Q: What is the Hanteo Chart?

A: Hanteo Chart is one of the most authoritative charts for the K-Pop industry. The chart counts individual album sales real-time. Data collected by Hanteo is used for various purposes! It shows how many albums are sold in which country/region (which label companies will notice and take into consideration), and also counts toward weekly shows. Hanteo Chart functions as the barometer for the K-Pop industry to plan their businesses. 

Q: Is LightUpK part of the Hanteo Family?

A: Yes, we are proud to announce that LightUpK is the only Canadian shop registered with the Hanteo Chart as of now. Check out this link to see our credentials. (Gold Member Section)

Q: Does my purchase from LightUpK count towards the chart?

A: Yes! Your purchases are counted real-time when the order is shipped out or purchased at a point-of-sale (e.g. pop-up store, etc.)

Q: Does my pre-order count towards the chart?

A: Yes, ALL ITEMS are counted at the point of sale or when the items are shipped out! The pre-ordered items are counted when they are sent out from us and this is to ensure the authenticity of sales numbers.

Q: Which country’s chart does my purchase count toward? 

A: It counts towards the country’s chart that the product is being shipped. It also counts towards overall sales of the album and the artist. For example, if your order being delivered within Canada, it will count towards the Canadian Hanteo chart. If it is being delivered to the United States, that will count towards the US Hanteo chart.